Have Questions? Hopefully these answers will help.

Q- What comes in the Value Pack?
A- All Value packs include:
PSP console
Soft carry pouch
32mb PSP Memory Stick Duo
Wrist strap
Headphones with remote control
Battery and AC adapter

The US Pack also includes: Demo UMD
SpiderMan 2 UMD movie
Cleaning Cloth.

Q- What does the non-value pack contain?
A- Just the console, battery & charger.

Q- Do Japanese PSPs have English menus?
A- Yes, the first option when turning it on for the first time is select language.
If your PSP has already been set to another language u can change it to English by doing the following:

Go to the furthest left menu icon, this is the Settings menu with a toolbox icon.
Go to the fifth option down from the top of the list, this is System Settings with a PSP & spanner icon.
Go to the second option down from the top, this is System Language. Select English.

Q- Where do I put pictures & music on the Duo?
A- For all media folders, other than those for videos, simply format the Duo in the PSP & it will create the following:
(D: refers to the Duo)
All pretty self-explanatory.

Q- Where do I put video files on the Duo?
A- The PSP plays MPEG4 videos (file extension .mp4)
These must be in the following directory for the PSP to recognise them:
(D: refers to the Duo)
Files here should have a file name like M4V00001.mp4 with the '00001' number being different for each video. Also a thumbnail picture can be placed here named M4V00001.thm for example.

You should use one of the several video converters for the PSP including Sony ImageConverter 2 or 3gp Converter. All these programs create an optimal file and put it in the correct directory. They also create the .thm file from the 1st frame of the video.

Q- Is the PSP PRO Duo compatible?
A- Yes.

Q- Do Jap & US PSPs play each others games?
A- Yes. The games are region free. I have tested both US games on a Jap console & vice versa but Euro games & consoles cannot be tested yet as they are not released!

Q- Are PSP movies region coded?
A- Yes. Japan & Euro PSPs & UMD movies are Region 2 with US consoles & movies are Region 1.
Region 2 consoles will only play Region 2 movies and likewise with Region 1 consoles & movies.

Q- Do US PSPs have an inferior screen?
A- The US, Euro & even new Japanese PSPs do have a different screen but after comparing both together I can confirm there is no noticeable difference & it is certainly not inferior.

Q- When will the PSP be released in the UK?
A- Sony have announced the Euro launch will be on September 1st.

Q- How do I change the background colors?
A- The background colours change on a monthly basis.
Full list of colors listed below:

Jan- Grey
Feb- Pale Yellow
Mar- Lime Green
Apr- Pink! (oh no!)
May- Green
Jun- Violet
Jul- Turquoise/Aqua
Aug- Blue
Sep- Purple
Oct- Yellow
Nov- Sepia
Dec- Red

Q- Can I put a custom image as my background?
A- No you can't......yet.

Q- How do I know when the PSP is fully charged?
A- The orange charge light will go off when charge is complete.
You can also go to Settings > System Settings > Battery Info where it tells you the percentage charge & if charging is ongoing or complete.

Q- How long does it take to charge my PSP?
A- A full charge will take about 2 hours.

Q- How long should the battery last?
A- About 6 hours of constant gameplay.

Q- How do I turn WiFi (WLAN) on & off?
A- The switch on the left, bottom side of your PSP is for WiFi. When moved up WiFi is switched on and the green LED will light up when it is active. When the switch is moved down WiFi is switched off.

Q- How do I setup my internet connection?
A- Make sure your WLAN switch on you PSP is on.
Go to network settings and create new. SSID (service set identifier) is the name of your network, you can either type it in or just hit "scan" to find it automatically.
Scanning will bring up all the wireless connections available to you, pick your network.
WEP is a security feature on wireless networks and it will require you to have your WEP key ready if your network is secured.
Test connection after your done and you should be all set to go.

Q- Can I lock the buttons so they aren't accidentally pressed?
A- Yes. Slide the Power Button down (bottom, right side) to activate "HOLD".

Q- How do I get rid of scratches on my PSP?
A- You can use a product called displex, it has been reported that it works well and can get rid of those annoying scraches on your PSP.

Q- How do I apply a screen protector?
A- Peel off the film ever so slightly, and then lay it on top of the screen. Take a credit card or hard piece of plastic and gently rake it across as you peel the remaining film off of the protector. If air bubbles appear, don't worry. They usually go away in 24 hours... re-do it if you have any

Q- What are some cheap places to get memory sticks?
A- Try eBay for cheap memory sticks.

Q- What USB cable can I use?
A- USB mini B, 5 pin.
These are already available from Sony & 3rd party manufactures for 5 - 15.

Q- Does the Value Pack include the USB cable?
A- No.

Q- Is the PSP USB 1.1 or 2.0?
A- USB 2.0, but is also backwards compatible with 1.1 devices.

Q- Is there a Gameboy Color Emulator available?
A- Yes. see below for instructions and the required file

Instructions: Create the following folder:
X:\PSP\GAME\GBC and place the EBOOT.PBP in this folder. Now, the actual ROM you want to play should be renamed to "ROM.GB" and put into the same folder as EBOOT.PBP
NOTE: this only works on PSPs with version 1.00 firmware.

Download the file EBOOT.PHP from http://s4.youshareit.com/files/64ee79f2f7358977465db7df40ceffec.html

Thanks very much to MikLSP from the Esato forums.


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